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Alessio Gioeli



About me

I am a Professional and Certified Personal Trainer in 7 countries of the world and 3 continents, among which stand out some of the most important certifications i achieved are: ACE (USA), ISSA International (USA), ISSA Europe (ITALY), NSFA (NORWAY), CanFitPro (CANADA), EREPS (EU/BELGIUM), and more. I I worked actively in countries such as Italy, Germany, Belgium, UAE, USA, Canada, Sweden, in gyms and top clubs of each Country of the above. I reached a large commercial experiences on board of important cruise ships, following the mandatory service and experience during the military training in operational unit of the Italian Navy. I live with a the base a strong passion for Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle and overall Well being, and Positive Vibes. I Enjoy working with people and help them achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyle. I am able and happy to motivate individuals and keep them on track to help them to obtain their goals. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills : fluent in English, Spanish and Native Italian.