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My name is Amr Salah, i am 26yrs , i started to hit the gym in 2012, at first i was so skinny and i loved the training a lot because i wasn’t able to perfom in any kind of sports due to my muscle atrophy that i have been suffering from for more than 17yrs I gained about 45 pounds after 2 years of hard and non stop training. Then i got the CFT certificate from the ISSA and a diploma from shaw academy about health and fitness and CBR certificate. then Sports Nutrition and Sports Injuries and Sports Massage courses, In March 2018 i created this page to help people change their life style and to encourage them to make their goals come true by telling them some tricks , providing helpful information about nutrition, training, injuries and etc because i believe i can gain Satisfaction from it . If i can’t reach the body i want due to my condition, the least i can do is help people achieve and get theirs.