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I help people get toned, maintain current status or get into shape, through cardio, functional, and weight training. I do my best to help my clients get what they desire.


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I am a private contracted personal trainer driven off results. <br><br>I've been training over 15 years helping people with Toning, Weight Reduction, Building Strength and Lean Muscle. If you have Knowledge and Experience with exercising then you're ready to start using my programs. <br><br>Having mostly women clients I keep constant update on the 3 spot zones mid, lower & arms so we're going to always rock that.. One of the things I really enjoy is just helping people look and feel better overall. <br><br>Its paramount that my programs do what's intended so I do all of them personally before putting them on the market. <br><br>I share Nutritional information that helps get you started on the path of watching how you eat, and methods to help with food prep and a few more tips to look for. <br><br> In conclusion, my main focus is to write safe programs that will give people results in or out of the gym. So for those wanting to build muscle, tone, burn some calories or just stay in shape try my programs today and meet your goal.