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Bodybuilding and Fitness Specialist. Chef. Nutritionist. Fitness model Photographer


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Would you like to play sports on your own, but under the guidance of an experienced coach? My name is Bogdan and I am a personal trainer. I am a performing athlete, 3-time Champion of Russia, master of sports in bodybuilding and champion of the international multitournament "Golden Tiger" in the category of powerlifting. At the moment, my teaching experience as a personal trainer is over 8 years. I mostly teach online. I conduct classes for both active athletes and fitness sports enthusiasts. And also for those who simply maintain their figure all year round. I am also a graduate of the culinary college with a degree in food technologist, which helped me develop a special menu for our classes, which I will share with you. Anyone can become a member of my team, regardless of the level and degree of training. I invite absolutely everyone. During your studies, you will gain knowledge in the field of fitness and sports, dispel popular myths about nutrition and training, and replenish your menu with healthy and delicious recipes. Take care of your health today! It's time to take the first step towards the figure of your dreams, welcome to my team!