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Bas Godee

I'M NOT HERE FOR THE HAPPY TALK, I'M HERE FOR THE HARD TALK!! Why........................? THIS WILL GIVE YOU SUCCES Hi guys my name is Bas and I live in The Netherlands, being active with fitness for 10 years now and finally found the succes formula when it comes to Mind/Body. The reason why I started doing this Muscle Madness Coach Series is because I just know for sure that with the right mindset you can accomplish every goal of being physical and mental fit. I'm convinced that I can help other people reach their goals if they stick to the plan! So without further ado, let me break it down in the following steps: 1 - Mindset 2- Food 3- Workout 1- MINDSET If you want to build something great, like your body for example, you need a FOUNDATION! With the right mindset you will definitely achieve your goal, this is where it all begins. Willing to make the needed sacrifices to conquer your goal is necessary in every aspect of life and also for your health. The key here is universal CONSISTENCY. 2- FOOD As you can read in my bio, I'm a vegan enthousiast, and the reason why is simple. For a couple of years I experienced some serious stomach acid issues, I had seen multiple doctors who weren't able to find the cause of this problem. Went to the hospital to get a gastroscopy but there was nothing strange to see so they just gave me some medication to surpress the pain. So I started thinking.......what happens if I drastically change my diet into a vegan diet? My stomach problems got solved, slept better, felt more energetic etcetera etcetera. So plant based diet is the way to go for me and I really think it can benefit other people as well. That is my advise, if you disagree that's just fine. I'm not a dietician but I just really wanted to share this small story about the fact why I highly recommend a plant based diet. 3- WORKOUT After the mind is set and you've got your diet game straight you will immediately start reaping the benefits. Working out isn't so difficult as it sometimes may seem. the only thing you need is your own body. By simply doing bodyweight exercises you can easily lose weight, get stronger, faster, leaner and happier with your body. Therefore you don't need a gym subscription, this will save you money that you can invest in your body by buying healthy food like vegetables or fruits for example. These three key points will all have an effect on each other, if the mind is not right you might skip training or eat something that will not benefit to your goal. If the mind is right but the food is bad, you will have to train harder to reach the same goal. CONSISTENCY in working out is key, with that being said my trainings will only cost you.... 30 MINUTES EACH WORKOUT! My workouts are based on the EMOM principle, Every Minute On the Minute. 30 rounds, each round represents 1 minute.....which makes the workout last 30:00. I hope this makes sense to you and if not just contact me and I'm happy to explain everything to you! Thanks guys!