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12 Athletic World Records, Produced two feature documentaries, Author, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian. Excel your performance to a new level, a new standard, a new normal and get excited about what is possible.


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Imagine paddling solo, 800 kilometres for seventeen days during the most shark-infested summer Australia has ever experienced. Picture skateboarding 4000 kilometres for fifty-six days through the scorching Mojave Desert (enduring temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius), on occasion 24 hours non-stop, along the entire length of Route 66. Or pushing a 3 tonne pick-up truck for 28 kilometres along the coastline of the Gold Coast Highway…all after being told it was impossible? <br><br> How can you get your body to a point where it shuts down before your mind is ready to stop, when you are driven by a cause that is so much bigger than all the personal challenges that you have set for yourself and completed? <br><br> As an international endurance and world record breaking athlete, this is part of my daily life. <br><br> “BREATHE, ACCEPT, ADAPT AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD” <br><br> I use these challenges as a way for me to show people the tools to be able to accept, learn, adapt and keep moving forward through adversity. Throughout my life, including the athletic challenges I studied the common tools that I was using intuitively that allowed me to remain calm under stressful situations and keep moving forward. It always came back to having control and understanding of my breath, and my ability to regulate the physical, mental and emotional stress that I was under, without having to stop for long periods of time to compose myself. <br><br> Throughout my twenty-five years in the fitness and wellness industry I explored methods how people manage stress and the tools they were using. I have drawn from my years of training myself and others to combine all techniques that were successful and tested them, not just in my athletic challenges but also through my daily life challenges. Being able to control my physical, mental and emotional stress and trauma, made me realize that I had discovered a tool that would help so many people around the world. <br><br> During my skate from Chicago to Santa Monica along Route 66, I had a lot of time to think about how I could break down what I do intuitively with the One Breath Meditation. I spent the next few years travelling the world working at the most amazing wellness retreats, where I was able to fine tune my findings and start to share the tools with others. <br><br> I spent the last few years travelling the world sharing the 5 level progressive program of One Breath Meditation. Giving Elite Athletes to CEO’s and Government officials to every day men and women the tools to change any stressful mind and situation, into being calm and controlled, with one breath and boosting performance and productivity to an excelled new and higher level. <br><br>In 2018 during the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, I was honoured for my Physical and Humanitarian achievements.