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As I continue to evolve, I hope to inspire the nation to experience their own self-evolution and break boundaries each and every day.





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The only thing I was trying to achieve in my childhood was greatness. Like many people I started as an inexperienced athlete and what I really wanted to do is to improve. During my Junior year of high school I chose my first sport and it was Track. It wasn't just at random, running was a nightmare for me, so I knew it wasn't my strongest point. And it was immensely important to me to overcome this fear and conquered the anxiety that went with running to achieve all the goals I set for myself. <br><br> I wanted to prove it to myself. And I did it. I didn't accept any excuses. I wasn't perfect as I had many failures and loses, but those were very good lessons that helped me become even better. I didn't have any coaches, and I didn't rely on my teammates, I did everything with my own hands. I wasn't old enough to be certified, I was only 16, but studied for my private training certification. I had no doubt that additional knowledge would increase my productivity and physical performance. And it worked. It took me 2 seasons to become one of the fastest 800 meter runners in my school, and as the result I won the 1st place at States at the 4800 relay. So I want to share this story with all the athletes, let it be an inspiration for you. And you should remember that your failures and weaknesses can give energy for your body and mind. Just don't lose hope and find motivation in your losses. That's how our brains work, just concentrate on success and you will be unstoppable. <br><br>My physical performance was very important but my transformation was due to mental acceptance of my weaknesses.I want to change all the nation so I dedicated energy and persistence to private training. And I want to share all my knowledge with the whole world.