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-Personal Trainer/Coach -Father -Ex-Con->Entrepreneur💰 -Nutritionist -Holistic Med./Cannabis&CBD Supporter -Athletic AF A.S. Sports Med, PES, CES, FNS, TRX-STC


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I aide people in their fitness journey by using multiple modalities to motivate, educate, and guide clients along their way. Through 1-on-1 and Online Coaching, I focus on your specific goals in mind whether they be: major strength training, sport specific, or just general fitness and/or weight loss based workouts. I can help with individualized programs developed to help you achieve success. I focus hugely with clients on correct exercise form to reduce the risk of injury during workout sessions; in addition to helping educate the mind and body on proper movement thus improving proprioception. I take pride in the education, motivation, energy, and holistic approach that is presented to every client which helps them in their fitness journey. All of which is aimed at helping clients achieve an elevated level of fitness success based on their current fitness level and physical abilities.