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Active Duty United States Marine Certified International Personal Trainer Calisthenics & Weight Training Expert


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JULIAN MIGUEL ARROYO I was born on April 13th, 1995 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I soon moved to San Antonio, Texas where I lived for most of my entire life before leaving to serve my country in the United States Marine Corps. I was always a very active, athletic, outgoing kid and always possessed a healthy competitive streak. The start of my fitness journey began with an unfortunate accident. I had a tragic accident which had broke my right lower leg. Undeterred by the injury, I went through an intense recovery period that following summer and successfully returned the following season. I always knew I wanted to join the United States Marine Corps, following in my father’s footsteps. After graduating high school in the summer of 2013, I actively began the process of joining the United States Marine Corps. However, I quickly learned that my aforementioned football injury automatically prevented me from joining the Marine Corps. Luckily, I managed to prove my physical worth and obtain a waiver that allowed me to join 3 months later! At graduation, out of 450 United States Marines, I earned the “Iron Man Award” meaning that I was the most physically fit Marine out of all the Marines graduating. I had properly learned to harness my physical strengths and weaknesses during my mandatory training. My journey inspired me to create an Instagram account that has helped me to inspire, motivate, and help others in many ways when it comes to fitness. My Instagram account also allows me to contact and share fitness plans and ideas with others. Through over seven years of experience in mastering calisthenics, bodyweight and weight training I am able to confidently mentor as well teach thousands of aspiring fitness enthusiasts around the world. Who knows? You can be the next one I train to become great!