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Personal Trainer & Athlete Exercise Expert CrossFit Level 2 Coach Olympic Weightlifting Coach & Athlete Owner of Barbell Athletic Fitness Gym & MFC Ladies Outdoor Bootcamp


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Movement is a celebration of your Body! Fitness is my passion…. And helping people is my motivation! I find it extremely amazing what the human body is capable of achieving. To help others reach their fitness goals and their mental/physical potential has driven me to be involved in this industry... It brings me so much happiness xx Fitness and Self care is a journey about self discovery and love, Enjoy it!! I like to change things up as much as possible and keep my programs fun as well as challenging. Whether it is achieving weight loss, improving strength and conditioning, being able to perform better functionally day to day, I would love to be the person to assist and guide you… As an Athlete & Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer I find it very important to explore and know your body and its capabilities, to improve and progress…. I continually educate myself on the latest techniques, trends & knowledge within the health & fitness industry. I believe that true results and progression, no matter what the goal, comes from hard work and dedication, and that everyone has the ability & strength to achieve both physical & mental health. What it comes down to is making a lifestyle decision and making the change & having the mindset as well as the determination to achieve what you set out to. One life, One Body, Take Care of It!