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Official Guinness WORLD RECORD Holder in several strength & fitness events! Learn to achieve incredible results using the training techniques I have created & tested over the last 40 years! YES! WE WILL SUCCEED! JOIN ME! THE POWER IS YOURS!


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Hello & NICE TO MEET YOU! OK, so I'm an Official Guinness World Record Holder & Fitness & Nutrition Professional and I am here for you 100%! Marcus Bondi has smashed the Official Guinness World Record holder for: * 5m Rope Climb * 100kg-Weighted Chin-ups *40lbs Weighted Chin-ups *100lbs Weighted Chin-ups - all records were held by Olympic gymnasts before they were destroyed by Marcus. Marcus Bondi's website, YouTube & Instagram have had over 40 million hits & he has competed in the World Street Workout Champs in Moscow and World Pull Up World Champs in Oslo. In the past 12 months Marcus has appeared as a fitness/nutrition expert & Guinness World Record Holder on TV morning shows in Sydney, LA, Tokyo, & Hawaii, as well as on Sunrise 7 (Aust) and Nine News. Marcus is an ambassador for Fitness First gyms and writes regular fitness/nutrition articles for Ultra Fitness Magazine, Body & Soul and is a 'Dry July' ambassador. Marcus’ programs and recipes feature in Men's Health (USA & Russia & Aust) & Men's Fitness & global lifestyle media; featuring his training/lifestyle/nutritional philosophies and programs. Marcus has been immersed in fitness/health for over 30 years, and is a globally renowned and respected fitness, nutrition and health expert.