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I am a WBFF Athlete, fitness model, and gym owner from Kansas, USA.


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Throughout my extensive career, I have accomplished many things in, and outside of fitness. I was crowned the 2011 WBFF Muscle Model World Champion, I was on the cover of dozens of magazines, and starred in reality TV shows.However, I didnt always have an easy life. In 2005, when I was at the peak, I suffered a serious car accident. Ir eceived multiple injuries to my neck and back from the accident, which forced me to avoid any physical activity for the next six months.Throughout the recovery process, I became depressed and agonized. I not only lost my muscle and strength, but also my passion for fitness becoming a shadow of my former self. However, I eventually realized that I couldn't continue living a miserable life. Instead, I decided to push through the adversity to start my fitness journey all over again. Fighting through the obstacles day after day, I have since turned my life around to regain my ripped physique, along with becoming a renowned WBFF muscle model.