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B.T.M performance (phase 1)

This program is designed to hit muscles differently to other splits so muscles get targeted more frequently for muscle growth, posture correction and strength.

Starters guys

You will prepare yourself and your body with less risk off injuries

At Home Fat Burn for People Who Get Bored Easily! (No Equipment)

This is a 4 week fat burn program tailored to those who get bored doing the same exercises over and over. Break out of that slump with new and exciting exercises for each training day!

21 Day-Explosive HIIT and Strength Challenge

- Boost of metabolism - Weight loss - Increasing of strength - Increasing of endurance - Fat loss

20 Days Perfect Abs Workout Plan

We have created daily workouts that will ensure you have a sculpted set of abs and better core strength when you reach that finish line.

Power Build - Bench Press

8 weeks of bench (and variations) twice a week. Bigger chest and bigger back= bigger bench.

Power Build - Deadlift

Bigger muscles for bigger, better deads. 8 weeks, deadlift twice a week.

Power Build - Squat

Leg hypertrophy for Powerlifting. This program will not, by itself, increase your back squat but rather add more mass to the hips and legs for later strength gains.

Bikini Ready - Burn Fat & Get Fitter in 6 Days

Burn fat. Loose Weight. Get in shape. Get fitter Faster.

12 Week Basketball Strength & Conditioning Program (Level 1)

To be healthier, to be stronger and to be more prepared for the court than you’ve ever been so you can finally get the edge on your competition

Home Compound Ripped Workout for beginner

Make Beginner Ready to the next level workout

20 Days Booty Building Workout Plan (Free)

Pump your butt and build glutes with 20 Booty Challenge