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3 Books By Katie Davies

You have a chance to buy 3 books by a famous trainer with a great discount.

Katie's Booty Bootcamp

The Booty Bootcamp Challenge is an 8-week program tailored to both men and women looking for stronger glute activation.

Strength and Conditioning Workout - Tone & Burn

This  workout will build muscle endurance, upper body strength, stamina & burn lots calories while toning.

Katie's Metabolic Conditioning Program

My program gives you 20 hard hitting functional met-con workouts that use structural and compound exercises that require maximum amounts of energy.

Beach Body Conditioning

My program is 12 week full body training program that will take your Body and Training to the next level.

Pull, Push, Legs

Pull/Push/Legs training program

8 Week Full Body Program

This program consist of workouts that will target all the major muscle groups for over a total of 8 weeks.

One Breath Meditation

Learn the art to compose, calm and keep moving forward with one breath. When shit hits the fan, or the voices in your head are telling you to give up.

Full Body 5-day Split

Full body 5-day split bodybuilding program.

Unlimited Progress - How You Can Unlock Your Body's Potential

Say good-bye to plateaus as you learn how to reach your ultimate potential.

Lean Gains - Men's Edition

This workout guide gives you a complete 5 day workout split for men. Lets grow some lean muscles together!

Lean and Powerful Program

Lean and Powerful is an 8 week program for men and women pursuing more strength and power. Adapted from Jamie’s own workout, it is designed for advanced, athletic individuals.