20 Days Booty Building Workout Plan (Free)

Pump your butt and build glutes with 20 Booty Challenge

20 Days Plank Challenge (Free)

This is your chance to tone your abs, back, legs, arms, and butt because the plank is the ultimate full-body pose.

Legs and Glute Building Program

Legs and glute program that will push your limits and leave you feeling powerful after every workout.

Lean Gains - Men's Edition

This workout guide gives you a complete 5 day workout split for men. Lets grow some lean muscles together!

Full Body 5-day Split

Full body 5-day split bodybuilding program.

Pull, Push, Legs

Pull/Push/Legs training program

Katie's Booty Bootcamp

The Booty Bootcamp Challenge is an 8-week program tailored to both men and women looking for stronger glute activation.

3 Books By Katie Davies

You have a chance to buy 3 books by a famous trainer with a great discount.