Strength and Conditioning Workout - Tone & Burn

    This  workout will build muscle endurance, upper body strength, stamina & burn lots calories while toning.

    Beach Body Conditioning

    My program is 12 week full body training program that will take your Body and Training to the next level.

    8 Week Full Body Program

    This program consist of workouts that will target all the major muscle groups for over a total of 8 weeks.

    Unlimited Progress - How You Can Unlock Your Body's Potential

    Say good-bye to plateaus as you learn how to reach your ultimate potential.

    Lean and Powerful Program

    Lean and Powerful is an 8 week program for men and women pursuing more strength and power. Adapted from Jamie’s own workout, it is designed for advanced, athletic individuals.

    Progressive Full-Body Fitness

    Progressive Full-Body Fitness is a six week program for the man or woman of any fitness level, pursuing a balanced and fit body from head to toe. It has built in progression, consistency and variety.

    4 Week Body Weight Training

    Challenging short high intensity workouts.

    Legs and Butt Program

    This program is challenging for everyone because its built on your own percentage, and made for you.
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