Dorian Yates' son is walking on the footstep of his father

29 Oct 2018 07:47 AM

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In the modern world, it is quite a rear thing to see sons of the great athletes follow in their footsteps. Blinded by the success of their parents they usually feel unmotivated to repeat or even beat their hights.

Scared by the cargo of responsibility, not to spoil the reputation of their fathers sons of athletes often prefer taking up something lying far away from sports.

Despite having awesome genetic children deny following constant hard work, adherence to the strict diet and smart training methods. Their lives aren't so demanding as fathers used to have. To say at least, their comfortable old age is already provided.

Fortunately, all of this doesn't concern son of one of the few bodybuilding legends and former 6x Mr.Olympia winner Dorian Yates. 

Looking at Lewis' Instagram page, it seems that he is a real fitness addict. Remembering the monster size of his father which caused a revolution in the world of bodybuilding that changed the presentation of it and what it has become today, Lewis is concentrated on the aesthetic side of his muscles.

IG: @lewisyatespt

Working as a personal trainer Lewis Yates shows how much he may genuinely want to explore the world of bodybuilding. His every post is full of confidence in the way he chose and wisdom in the describing of what he is doing right now.

"Some raw footage of today's chest session. Yes I scream like a mofo and yes I pull some fucked up faces 😱 it's how I control my breathing and get the most out of my set. Power was high today like a man possessed," he captioned one of his videos.

Let's wish him all the best of luck on his road to the dream and a warm hug to his father, legendary Dorian Yates.

IG: @lewisyatespt
IG: @lewisyatespt
IG: @lewisyatespt
IG: @lewisyatespt


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