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Hot baths burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk

05 Nov 2018 12:58 PM

It's autumn already, and for many outdoor training lovers in European countries the weather has spoiled a bit.

However, as usual, science gives us a hack on how to stay home while doing nothing and burn calories.

On March 9, 2017, Temperature published an interesting study which states that relaxing in a hot bath can have a good impact on your health.

According to it sitting in a hot tub for 60 minutes will help burn calories, improve blood sugar control and reduce whole-body inflammation.

Stephen Faulkner and colleagues from Loughborough University in the UK compared the responses of one-hour exposure to either moderate-intensity cycling or warm water immersion (104°F). 

Warm water immersion triggered reactions similar to exercise in caloric expenditure, blood sugar, and markers of whole-body inflammation. 

While soaking in a hot tub will not substitute for exercise, it will make you feel better and has several significant health benefits. 

Recall, 104°F is the maximum water temperature in most commercially produced spas. Many people can’t tolerate that temperature for 10 minutes let alone an hour, so be cautious and use good judgment.

"What we found was an 80 percent increase in energy expenditure just as a result of sitting in the bath for the course of an hour," Faulkner told the BBC in 2016.

So the next time you want to add more activity in your daytime, consider lying in hot water as a better alternative.

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