How much do personal trainers make?

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How much do personal trainers make?

These days, the Internet provides a great number of opportunities. The fitness industry is no exception. A lot of trainers and coaches make money selling their programs, so if it works for them, it will work for you. But it’s not as simple as it seems, or is it?

How a trainer earns money

The most common activity for a personal trainer is one-on-one training. Fitness professionals in the USA, according to Labor Statistics, can count on an average salary in the range of $18,700 to $70,000, with the average yearly wage for a personal trainer being $52,530. According to the popular job website,, based on 13,974 salaries, a fitness trainer in the USA earns, on average, around $20.91 per hour. 

Trainers’ offline income is limited by the number of training hours. He or she cannot work 25 hours a day. 

In the modern world, more and more people prefer to train at home or do their workout in the streets not far from their houses. That is why they buy a training program or diet plan created by professional coaches or instructors. Indeed, they can download any amount of them for free, but still nobody has yet achieved their ultimate desirable result with the help of a free amateur written program alone.

New Internet technologies give trainers a chance to increase their income several-fold.

There are, however, only a limited number of really useful resources which can be used on the Internet:

  • Social Media
  • Personal Website 
  • Muscle Madness Service

Each of them has its own advantages. 

Social Media

There is no need to explain what social media involves. Billions of people around the world are daily active users, and have at least several accounts on various social media platforms. These days, it is rare find a person without a profile on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

And fitness trainers were among the first to master networking as a way of promoting themselves, selling training programs and meal plans through learning to monetize this new technology.

Almost anyone can be reached through these modern tools of communication, but, in order to be effective, you’ll need to know how to do so effectively.

A good example of successful marketing promotion through social media could be the Instagram accounts of famous trainers.

How a coach can monetize his/her personal Instagram account

One of the first things you should consider on your way to fame and fortune as a trainer – and it is widely recommended by online marketers – is to create your personal or branded Instagram account. It’s a free tool so it’ll be a good start for a novice in online fitness marketing.

How it helps to make you more money 

There are several ways to realize your goal:

  1. Sell your downloadable training programs or diet plans.
  2. Advertise third-party products (paid posts), for example sports nutrition.
  3. Sell your own merchandise.
  4. Earn extra as an affiliate.

However, if this appeals to you, you will need a very big audience to achieve it.

If you take a look at Instagram, you might notice that the top-notch trainers have, on average, around 1 mln to 1.7 mln subscribers. 

For further information, the profiles of the highest-ranking instructors can help. These three trainers can be found in any “top fitness trainers to subscribe” articles: 

What income do they receive?

Many articles along the lines of “How much can you earn from Instagram?” state that
for Influencers with 100K followers and above, the sum ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 for a post created in partnership with a company or brand. Sounds good right? But, to be honest, that’s total nonsense. 

Even top influencers with millions of subscribers in different industries can struggle to earn money for food, seriously. Many top bloggers, despite having a vast number of followers (with 100,000 and more), still have to go to work. Monetization is a skill, not just a term.

Income from 1mln Instagram followers
Income from 1mln Instagram followers

First of all, the competition among influencers is very high, secondly the companies are slow in promoting their products via micro influencers (less than a million followers!). 

Even Kylie Jenner, with an almost unreachable 124 mln fans, who charges $1 mln per sponsor post, does not have companies in line vying to promote their products. Therefore, if you browse Alexia’s, Ainsley’s, and Kayla’s accounts you will not notice a lot of paid posts.

With this in mind, having studied and analyzed Internet resources and open data, one can say that a trainer can still earn around $2000-3000 per post with minimum 1 mln subscribers. Usually you will have 3-5 such posts per year. So you can count on at least $10,000 of extra money annually. 

Instagram also has one big weak point, Payment processing. Or, more accurately, the absence of any processing possibility. In case you want to sell your training program or merchandise you will have to use a third-party tool for that reason. Obviously, for this reason, all the top trainers place a link to their website on their Instagram pages. Moreover, they mainly make sales via directing fans to trainers’ websites with an integrated online payment service. 

To be more precise, a closer look at some of the data is required.

For this reason Alexia’s website will be analyzed with the help of open online sources.

This marketing online tool Similarweb will be used to obtain more or less accurate figures.

 Alexia's website traffic overview

The total number of visits per month is 53.51K. That is a good result.

How many people came from the Instagram page?  Let's use the same tool to get more info.

Alexia's website traffic Social

The total traffic per month from all social networks to the website is 7.65% out of 53.51K visitors. As the screenshot shows, the majority of social traffic, almost half, falls on Instagram. This network can offer good results for trainers. 

The total percentage of Instagram users is 45.99 out of 7.65 = 3.52%. That makes 1,869 website visitors from a 1.7 mln audience of Instagram per month. 

An average conversion rate of an online shop is about 1-3%. Even the best ones have -5%.

A trainer will therefore be making 1869*3%/100% = 56 sales per month. 

The average downloadable training program costs $40-$50. That equals 56*50 = $2,800 per month from a 1.7 mln Instagram account.

The total sum of money from your Instagram account will be:

  • Income from downloadable training programs or meal plans per year will be  $2,800 x 12 = $33,600
  • Income from paid posts (5 per year) will be  5 x $2,000 = $10,000 

The minimum sum with a 1.7 mln audience from a trainer’s Instagram profile that can be counted on is $33,600+$10,000 = $43,600.

Let’s compare this with other trainers. For this time let's take Ainsley’s website.

Ainsley's website traffic from Social

She has more than a half of all her website traffic from social media. And, after some calculation, Instagram provides 30.76% of all traffic, that is 10 times more than Alexia, at 3.52%. This shows that Ainsley’s team has made the decision to primarily attract customers through social media marketing. 

Does that then mean she earns 10 times more money from Instagram than Alexia? Unfortunately not, as the total traffic to Ainsley’s website is quite scarce. It is actually even hard to get accurate data. Despite a big difference in numbers, the average income from Social Media will be essentially the same.

Last, but certainly not least. 

Kayla Itsines's team worked really hard yo make her website one of the leading in the fitness industry. She has a colossal number of fans, so it will be very interesting to take a look at the website traffic data.


Kayla's website traffic overview

She received around 414,000 visitors in the last month. Very good figures for a fitness trainer.

Now  let's take more info on her Social Media traffic:

Kayla's website traffic from Social

Kayla has an average percentage of social traffic. Let’s compare her 19.5% with Alexia’s 7.65% and Ainsley’s 52.05%.  

One peculiarity is that Kayla’s team has prioritized Facebook over other social networks. 

Kayla also has about 6 times more followers on Instagram than Ainsley and Alexia. 
Her approximate income from 10 mln Instagram account should be around 6 x $43,600 = $261,600 per year. 

Note that the main source of social traffic is not Instagram but Facebook, which is 6 times more boosted.

The power of big communities is difficult to exaggerate. 

What a trainer needs to gain a big audience on Instagram

First - time, so let's calculate how much tine a trainer needs.  The most active user of Instagram is Ainsley. She will be used as an example.

The demonstrates how many followers a trainer can attract per month.

Instagram stats for Ainsley's account

According to this data, a well-known trainer attracts 7,590 new subscribers each month. 

If a fitness trainer or coach is a new Instagram user he or she will need 1,700,000/7,590 = 224 months (almost 18 years) to come up to the levels of Ainsley or Alexia. 

And to be equal to Kayla - 118 years. Trainers do not drink alcohol and smoke so it is quite possible, if unlikely!

Second. Upfront investments.

If a trainer does not plan to eat or sleep and somehow still has a lot of spare time to do it, he or she will also need to learn such skills and knowledge as SMM, Photo editing, Copywriting, Video editing, and Community Management.

Investment will help to save time.

A trainer in the US will need:

  • A professional photographer’s salary - about $17.39 per hour (Source: Not to mention photo editing.
  • SMM specialist - $13.94 per hour (Source:
  • Copywriter - $27.57 per hour (Source:
  • Advertising on Instagram - $1.86 per click. Every 100,000 new subscribers will cost a trainer $186,000 (the cost can vary depending on your preferences).

To summarize

At the outset, a trainer will need to invest at least a couple of thousand dollars to begin with a good-looking profile and professional photos. It is not a cheap thing to be a successful fitness trainer nowadays. 

All the top trainers have already began their Internet marketing activity a long time ago in the days when marketing was cheaper and easier.

Other online media 

There are, however, a lot of social networking services which can be of use to a trainer, including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and many more besides. Skillful use of a combination of them all will increase your traffic immensely, it though takes considerable time and effort.

Personal Website

One more thing which will be very useful for Internet marketing is a website or a mobile app. 

The average website development costs around $2,000 (website or mobile app from scratch).

Moreover, a trainer will need to conclude an agreement with a third-party processing company, and hire someone for posting articles, images and technical support.

If a trainer wants to personally create and run his or her website, such skills should be obtained in advance. To begin with it will require some coding knowledge, and it would be useful to master HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. To operate a website one can choose any free CMS (for example WordPress).

When the site development is finished, the trainer can buy a domain name and choose a hosting provider that will store the website pages. 

To track user activity and obtain traffic data on your website Google tools such as Google Analytics will be useful, so it is a good idea to read about them too. 

Following this, the trainer should find a payment processing company, because customers will want to pay with their credit card, eChecks, cryptocurrency, etc. not only by PayPal. 

Also, a trainer should keep an eye on the website as it may glitch sometimes even if it is administered by an IT team.

To attract more clients any business needs to be in the on top positions of Google’s search results. Here, knowledge of SEO, including link-building and SEO copywriting, is useful.

Muscle Madness

The Muscle Madness service was created to help fitness trainers, instructors, and coaches 
concentrate on their main activity in fitness or sport. 

With a fitness community totaling 6 million with a 1.2 billion audience outreach, it offers a unique service specifically developed for all fitness trainers and sport coaches who want to help their clients become fit and healthy. 

This is a place where trainers can find new clients, and individuals can choose the best training programs and diet plans.

By creating your free account you will, in fact, gain a fusion of a well-boosted Social Media account with millions of followers and a personal website page with high traffic and a processing tool within seconds.

What are the main advantages of Muscle Madness?

  • No investment needed to attract more customers. It offers free registration with a possibility of 6 million customers worldwide through the biggest fitness community available. All with no investment needed.
  • A simple interface with a built-in payment processing system, and sales reports, will help control all the business issues. 
Muscle Madness Sales Report
  • A client messaging tool to communicate with trainers, customer reviews, training program instant downloads and support offer a 100% client-satisfaction guarantee. 

What industries are involved? 

Trainers from all sporting spheres are welcomed, from fitness, bodybuilding, and yoga to martial arts, american football, and Olympic sports.

How do I start?

Just follow the link and grow your training business right now.