Three bars of chocolate a month is reportedly good for heart health

Three bars of chocolate a month is reportedly good for heart health

Eating chocolate is no more "unhealthy". Want to keep your heart working till 100 years? Go and take some bars.

The Telegraph reports that scientists have come with another pleasant study result. It turns out that eating 3 bars of chocolate a month can significantly better your heart health.

More than 500 thousand adult participants in the research showed that those who avoided chocolate had a higher risk of heart failure than those who ate such treats in moderation.

A 13 percent lower risk of heart failure is something chocolate avoiders are missing. 

According to the research, natural compounds in cocoa called flavonoids boost blood vessel health and help reduce inflammation.

At the same time, harmful features of chocolate related to those indulging daily. Their risk of heart failure increase by seventeen percent.

Lead researcher Dr. Chayakrit Krittanawong, from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, said: "I believe that chocolate is an important dietary source of flavonoids which are associated with reducing inflammation and increasing good cholesterol. 

“Most importantly, flavonoids can increase nitric oxide [a gas which expands blood vessels, helping circulation]."

“However, chocolate may have high levels of saturated fats. I would say moderate dark chocolate consumption is good for health."

Victoria Taylor, the senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said cocoa had been linked to a variety of health benefits.

She said: “This large-scale analysis suggests that enjoying a moderate amount of chocolate might protect you against heart failure, but too much can be detrimental. 

“If you have a sweet tooth, make it an occasional small treat and go for dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content," she added.

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