Top 10 calisthenics athletes

Top 10 calisthenics athletes

Bodyweight moves or calisthenics workouts will help you build a physique that looks as well as it performs.  In recent years, the popularity of gravity-defying street athletes has caused interest in this sport and other bodyweight-inspired training to spike. This incrdible guys and girls motivates all!

Top 10 calisthenics athletes by Muscle Madnes:

  1. Chris “Tatted Strength” Luera
  2. Hannibal For King
  3. Islam Badurgov
  4. Michael Vazquez
  5. Osvaldo Lugones
  6. Pivet Madkilla
  7. San Gohan
  8. Pedro Fortes
  9. 2j Pantoja
  10. Viktor Kamenov

Chris “Tatted Strength” Luera

Hannibal For King

Islam Badurgov

Michael Vazquez

Osvaldo Lugones

Pivet Madkilla

San Gohan

Pedro Fortes

2j Pantoja

Viktor Kamenov

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