Typical daily workout from Royal Marine

Typical daily workout from Royal Marine

Marines preparation is quite a secretive theme, so it is hard to find out accurate information about their training routine.

Writing this article, we relied on the interview of a former Royal Marine Wesley Grant given to Muscle & Fitness.

He endured just under 8 years and 2 operational tours to Afghanistan, so he seems to be reliable.

Here is how he describes the service impact on his fitness:

"The commando mindset has undoubtedly catapulted my fitness career by embodying the integrity, self-discipline and a state of mind ethos that there is no option to quit - no matter how hard it gets and no matter how much your mind tells you to give up."


According to Grant, the average royal marine sleeps for 4-6 hours per night. Bodies of the marines have been used to lack of sleep for a long time.


Everybody here is given a basic understanding of what foods are needed while out in arduous conditions to maintain the required energy levels.

"Hydration was of utmost importance while out on patrols in the blazing 50-degree heat and equally as important during the cold, wet weather climate exercises we undertook," Wesley revealed.

Daily workout

The typical daily workout as a Royal Marine consists of running, yomps (marching with heavy equipment over difficult terrain), circuits designed to move your body weight over an obstacle course and strength training to aid you in the event of having to evacuate an injured soldier on the battlefield.


"One of the final commando tests at the very end of your training is a 30-mile yomp with heavy equipment that’s performed over challenging terrain and must be completed in under 8 hours. This is physically achievable by most people. However, the mind stops over 70% of people from actually completing it."

Such occupations like running and bodyweight exercises are undertaken for a specific task in the Marines. For example, a pull up is implemented to simulate being able to move your body over compound walls on operational tours. 

The fireman’s carry is practised in the event of having to extract an injured soldier, and the yomp, to prepare yourself for the routine patrols with body armour, kit, and ammunition out on operations.


Self-discipline is the first the soldier is taught. In dark times of self-doubt, the fear of failing yourself or your team is what will give you that drive to push harder and push further. So mindset training is among the most important constituents.


"In the Marines, you simply could not say “I don’t feel like it”, or “I’ll do it tomorrow”. You had no choice but to do it," Grant told.

"Even when I didn’t feel like training I still got it done. Staying focused and having cheerfulness in the face of adversity is what separates the average from the elite."


Such training routine would inevitably give you the ability to intensify and take your workout to another level. Your body goals are closer than you ever dreamed.


Statistically, setting a goal and writing it down gives you 90% more chance of actually achieving it. So, set goals and stop at nothing until you reach them.

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