Study finds weak people more likely to die early

Study finds weak people more likely to die early

If you are a passionate gym goer, so you don't have to worry. If your purpose is health - don't be afraid of dying due to low muscle strength.

After adjusting for sociodemographic factors, chronic health conditions, and smoking history, the study published in the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences found that people with low muscle strength are 50 percent more likely to die earlier.


Thus, individuals with weaker muscles do not typically live as long as their stronger peers.

“Maintaining muscle strength throughout life—and especially in later life—is extremely important for longevity and aging independently,”

said lead researcher Kate Duchowny. And of course, we have to believe her as she recently completed her doctorate in epidemiology at the U-M School of Public Health.

She also revealed that a growing body of research has indicated that muscle strength may be an even more important predictor of overall health and longevity than muscle mass.

Hand grip strength specifically has been found to be inversely related to mobility limitations and disability. 

For the study, the researchers analyzed data from 8,326 participants aged 65 and older, which was collected for another research project titled the Health and Retirement Study. To categorize muscle strength, multiple levels were determined, and the “muscle weakness” cutoff point was 22 kg for women and 39 kg for men.

“This study further highlights the importance of integrating grip strength measurements into routine care—not just for older adults but even in midlife,” said Duchowny. “Having hand grip strength be an integral part of routine care would allow for earlier interventions, which could lead to increased longevity and independence for individuals.”

You should stay healthy at any age by keeping up an active strength training regimen. Just keep moving and stay strong — it could help you live a better, longer life.

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