What are the secrets of the best powerlifters in the USA?

What are the secrets of the best powerlifters in the USA?

Powerlifting is something every one ever tried to perform in the gym. Lifting heavy weights, feeling that barbell in your hands or onto your back are things male gym attendees can't imagine their workouts without.

However, there are times when our progress stops. Usually, it is called "plateau". It is a period when our weights stop at the same point for a long time, and your task is to find the way out by analyzing all the aspects of your training regime. But still there are cases when you've just reached your maximum potential, and it's time to turn your view on the experience of professional powerlifters. 

These methods are used to increase weights, easy your training sessions a bit and add some pepper to your whole existence.

Improve your pull-ups

Athletes tend to give an example of the gym whose clients are able to relax by viewing the scenery of mountains, but instead, they are doing pull-ups.

Above you can see a genuinely existing and loved by many visitors bar, located in the backyard of a sports facility called the Bullet Gym in Montana. 

In addition to the beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains, this kind of pull-ups has several significant advantages. First of all, it is much more difficult to pull in this way - the swinging crossbar three times more heavily loads the core muscles and makes the athlete grab indeed steel.

Practice your push

"In order to jump higher - for example, while playing basketball - you need to imagine that you are pushing the ground down," says Jamie Hale, the owner of the club in Kentucky. In order to learn how to fulfill his requirements, his club visitors use so-called deep diving: get on the bench and just jump off it, gently landing on your toes. Immediately push off the floor and jump up as high as possible. After landing, return to the dais and repeat - this will be one repetition. It is recommended to perform 4–5 sets of 3–5 repetitions, with 60–90 seconds resting between sets.

Don't forget about balance

“Maintaining a balance between stability and strength of the main joints is the basis for athletes of all types,” says Eric Phillips, senior club coach of the Suns Strength Room.

He argues that even the periodic performance of some of the usual exercises with a versatile stance, when one leg is ahead of the other, reduces the occurrence of injuries.

Forced reps

“After performing all the repetitions, give yourself another 4–8 partial in the last quarter of the movement, and then hold the final position for 5–10 seconds,” says guru Brian Dobson. Brian is the owner of the famous gym where Ronnie Coleman, eight-time “Mr. Olympia”, is training.

Barefoot cardio

Running and jumping with a rope barefoot is much more beneficial. Firstly, they strengthen the Achilles tendons, and secondly, they restore the correct biomechanics of the muscles of the foot in those who have already injured their ankles. And finally, according to Kurt Hester of D1 Sports Training, running barefoot increases the speed of movement as the legs become stronger.

Do it for 3-5 seconds longer

Try this simple trick in all simple exercises. Hold the weight in the starting position for 3-5 seconds before the first rep and the same number after the last one.

Temper if you want to be healthy

In the morning, before training, get up for 20 seconds in icy water, reaching you to the ankles. Then wipe your feet and run to the gym - cold water activates the nervous system and gives energy. This is what a personal coach Mark Vershigen from Arizona recommends to his clients.

Stare at one point

“Stop staring at yourself in the mirror when you squat,” says Matt Winning, owner of the legendary Mecca for powerlifters - Westside Barbell.

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