Your workout effectiveness may depend on your breakfast

Your workout effectiveness may depend on your breakfast

With the extension of nutrition knowledge, it is quite strange to meet people who still refuse to take breakfast.

Here we'll try to prove that beyond the pure, unadulterated joy of a hash brown dunked in egg yolk and undeniable nutritional effect food has on our bodies morning meal might make your workouts more effective.

Research from the University of Bath has found eating breakfast before you exercise may prep the body to burn more carbohydrates during a workout. A pre-workout meal may also help you more rapidly digest food once you’re done exercising.


Scientists studied effects caused from a bowl of porridge made with milk versus fasting overnight before an hour’s cycling. In a control test, porridge was followed by three hours of rest.

After that, the blood glucose levels and muscle glycogen levels of the 12 healthy male volunteers who took part were tested. Researchers discovered that eating breakfast increased the rate at which their bodies burned carbohydrates during exercise, and increased the rate their bodies metabolised food consumed after their workouts.

Essentially, that suggests eating breakfast could get your body in gear to burn more calories and digest things more smoothly. states that you’re basically your best physical self when you have a morning meal.

Dr. Javier Gonzalez, the senior lecturer in the Department of Health, said: "This is the first study to examine the ways in which breakfast before exercise influences our responses to meals after exercise."

"We found that, compared to skipping breakfast, eating breakfast before exercise increases the speed at which we digest, absorb and metabolise carbohydrate that we may eat after exercise."

Rob Edinburgh, a Ph.D. student who co-led the study, added: "We also found that breakfast before exercise increases carbohydrate burning during exercise and that this carbohydrate wasn’t just coming from the breakfast that was just eaten, but also from carbohydrate stored in our muscles as glycogen."

"This increase in the use of muscle glycogen may explain why there was more rapid clearance of blood sugar after lunch when breakfast had been consumed before exercise."

"This study suggests that, at least after a single bout of exercise, eating breakfast before exercise may “prime” our body, ready for rapid storage of nutrition when we eat meals after exercise."

However, we can't still give the green light to those willing to overeat before the workout. The study used only men to participate in it, so we can’t generalise the results for the entirety of the world just yet. More research is needed before it can be said definitively that eating breakfast will boost your workout.

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