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3 Lifters are notorious for getting lost in the details. They obsess over their grip width on biceps curls, if they're doing "enough" for their quad sweep, and how many abs they can see at any given time of day. Meanwhile, they ignore the real problems that are keeping them from adding size and strength.

Total-Body Strong is the solution to that problem—and many others. It's how I train, after well over 30 years in the iron game. It's how my clients train, from elite male powerlifters to 50-year-old women who are nailing their first pull-ups. In my own case, Total-Body Strong-style training led to a recent set of 10 reps with 405 on the deadlift at age 58, at a lean 193 pounds. If you asked me a few years ago if I saw that coming, I would have definitely said no.