Questions and Answers

3 years 17 days ago

Muscle Madness is very simple and easy to understand service, but we still receive some questions from trainers. In this article we answer to the most commonly asked questions.

Do I need to invest?

No, you don’t. Registration is free.

Do I need to direct clients to my page on Muscle Madness?

We promote our trainers and their programs through our social media, websites, and internet ads. But you are welcome to direct your audience to your page.

Why should I work with you?

Our community counts more than 10 mln subscribers and the ultimate audience outreach is more than 1,2 bln people . You will have more clients than ever before.

My training program is not in English

This is not a problem. You can fill out your  profile in English but your program can be in any language. You can include the name of the language in brackets, for example (Spanish version), (Norway language), (the program is in Arabic).  

Can I sell my training program on other websites?

We don’t ask to sell exclusively on Muscle Madness.

How much will I make?

It  will depend on several aspects. For some people Muscle Madness become the main source of income, and they pay much attention to their profiles, featured images, program description. Other people utilize Muscle Madness as a passive source of income.

Do you have support?

We have a support team. We are ready to help with any issues.

Are you a reliable business partner?

We have been working with many famous athletes and  trainers. We are a reputable community with millions of subscribers and followers. Muscle Madness  worked really hard in order to establish its high reputation and prove the high professional level that it demonstrates.

Where are your clients from?

We link fitness enthusiasts from all continents. So you will have clients from all the corners of the world. Now our main priority is english speaking clients from North America, Europe and Australia.

What industries are involved?

Trainers from all sporting spheres are welcomed, from fitness, bodybuilding, and yoga to martial arts, american football, and Olympic sports.

What are the main advantages of Muscle Madness?

Muscle Madness is a unique Service for trainers. We don’t have any competitors yet and we are the biggest fitness community.

  • We have a huge audience
  • We will take care of marketing, promotion, payment processing, technical and customer support, servers for storing program files, etc.
  • A trainer doesn’t need to create a website, promote social pages or look for clients.
  • No upfront investment needed.

Do you have take commissions?

We take % of sales.

Can I support my clients?

We have a built-in messaging tool.