12 Week Basketball Strength & Conditioning Program (Level 1)

12 Week Basketball Strength & Conditioning Program (Level 1)


To be healthier, to be stronger and to be more prepared for the court than you’ve ever been so you can finally get the edge on your competition



44 Days





Medicine ball,

Foam roller,

Cable machine,

Chin-up bar,




Not included

There seems to be confusion about how to best prepare for the sport of basketball. Maybe it’s because many basketball players tend to be on the taller side or maybe it’s because there are so many physical requisites of the sport. Basketball requires speed, agility, change of direction, the skills of jumping, landing, accelerating and decelerating just for starters.

Let’s not forget you need to be strong, take a hit, give a hit and have great endurance to be ready for the 4th quarter. This is a lot for a player to be physically prepared for. You can have all of the skills in the world but without being prepared for the rigors of this game you may find yourself sidelined by nagging injury, poor performance or both.

Congratulations on taking the exact step necessary to go from being a basketball player to being a serious basketball player. Having worked with numerous NBA allstars and even hall of famers I’ve seen what separates players, good players and great players. The players that make their way to the top and stay there all have different skills, styles of game and levels of athleticism. There is one thing however that they all do the same: They take care of their body religiously during the time that they aren’t on the court. This is what turns players into serious players and this is exactly what this program is designed for.

I created this 12-week basketball strength & conditioning program because I wanted to take the guesswork out when it comes to figuring out how prepare for the court and how to stay on the court to let your skills do the talking! This program allows me to share the 15+ years experience I have helping elite basketball players prepare for the game with you. I want you to be healthier, I want you to be stronger and I want you to be more prepared for the court than you’ve ever been so you can finally get the edge on your competition.


You will get 12 total weeks of basketball-specific strength and conditioning programming. The 12 week program is divided into 3 progressive phases. Each phase is 4 weeks in length. Over 150 exercises and variations, focused on better physical performance and durability on the court. 2 basketball-specific conditioning drills to improve on-court capacity and endurance.


This program will target the following key areas of movement and performance for any basketball player:

  1. Ankle mobility and stability
  2. Lower body balance and proprioception
  3. Strength to support knee health and performance
  4. Hip mobility and power
  5. Vertical jump and landing performance
  6. Speed and deceleration performance
  7. Agility and change of direction
  8. Core strength and endurance
  9. Total body strength, power, and explosiveness
  10. Upper body strength, power, and mobility
  11. Strengthening of critical loadbearing muscles,tendons, and ligaments
  12. Basketball specific endurance and cardiovascular capacity


Basketball Strong is the most evidence-based, progressive and comprehensive basketball specific training program out there. That being said, the benefits of this program will require your ruthless consistency and patience as you work hard to earn the results you’re looking for. I know you have what it takes to get the most out of the TDAE Basketball Strong Program. Now go get the EDGE on your competition!

You'll need an access to at least a half basketball court.

$139 USD



Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT spent 6 seasons as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and is the founder of TD Athletes Edge. Nationally renowned for his evidence-based approach to fitness, training, nutrition, and recovery.

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