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8 Week Bulk



8 week lean bulk diet and workout splits broken up into quarters. Gym required.

This is a plan I have created for individuals struggling to add muscle. You DO need a gym membership in order to follow the workout regimen. In the plan is a variety of sources you can get your carbs and protein from so its not too strict. Inside you will also find meal ideas to fit your macros, supplement advice, and workout tips I have learned over the last four yeas of my fitness journey. I understand what it's like trying to add muscle and not see results.

Trust me I’ve been there, I used to weigh 160lbs four years ago right out of school. Since then I have managed to pack on roughly 60lbs of muscle. It took me longer because I waited a couple years before I started eating and lifting correctly. With my knowledge and experience I have now created this plan that is easy to follow so you can start gaining today!!

NOTE: pictures are for credibility pourpuses as I would want a coach who has started and been where you are. I know what it is like struggling to add muscle. My bulk has been a process of about four years.