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Bikini Ready - Burn Fat & Get Fitter in 6 Days


Burn fat. Loose Weight. Get in shape. Get fitter Faster.




6 Days



No Equipment

Known as a more effective Fat-burning. 

A hard but effective HIIT High Intensity Complexed Tabata workout + & Strenght workout, suitable for advanced and elite athletes as much as for the beginner!

  1. Up to 8 exercises per day with 2-4 sets of each one during six days of the week.
  2. Created for any busy schedule because a day of workout will not take more than 16 minutes (half the time of many Netflix series chapter).

No equipment needed. Just a simple Tabata timer. 

Can be adjusted to Fitness level - Basic & Advanced options. 

Can be done anytime anywhere. No excuses. 

Possible to start gradually or all at once.

Recommended at least 2-3 times a week for faster and better results.