21 Day-Explosive HIIT and Strength Challenge

21 Day-Explosive HIIT and Strength Challenge


- Boost of metabolism - Weight loss - Increasing of strength - Increasing of endurance - Fat loss



21 Days




No Equipment


74 videos included

A hard but effective HIIT & Strength workout of 21 days, suitable for advanced and elite athletes.

  1. Up to 8 exercises per day with 2-4 sets of each one during six days of the week.
  2. A workout day will take around 45 minutes (you choose: A Netflix series chapter of around 30-40 minutes of length or exercise and be healthier).
  3. 50+ exercises avaliable, from the old fashioned ones like squat, push ups an abs, and maybe you find some new ways to combine the exercises, remember that you learn something new every day.

También incluye subtítulos en español en los videos de calentamiento, estiramiento y final, así también conocerán el nombre de los ejercicios en inglés y así aprenden por partida doble.

If you want to increase your endurance, train an extra time or do it for fun (having a good physical condition of course) while you are losing weight and fat,this is the program for you.

$35 USD



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