Bands and Bells at-Home Workout (moderate)

Bands and Bells at-Home Workout (moderate)


Full Body Muscular Hypertrophy to Keep You Lean, Build Muscle and Definition.



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HDC's moderate-intensity Full Body At-Home Program requires nothing but but a set of dumbbells or resistance bands. You can use the floor or if you have a bench, even better!

The program is designed for 4x/week of specific muscle group strength training for hypertrophy with the goal of building muscle size and maintaining a lean appearance. The higher rep range of training makes the program applicable even if you only have light resistance. 

Be sure to complete a full week of the training before making adjustments to it. If you feel that the next go around you need more of a push, feel free to increase the rep range 3-5 reps for each set of the particular exercise that needs increasing. 

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