Home workout-no equipment needed

Home workout-no equipment needed


Preserve muscle mass, maintain physique


This program comes in handy during this whole pandemic thing as the gyms are closed in most countries. It is a total body workout in the form of workout A and workout B. Each workout is to be done on different days depending on how many days a week you workout. For example, if you workout four times a week, you will perform workout A twice and workout B twice a week. The number of rounds each workout is performed is dependent on your condition and experience. Beginners and intermediates can conduct two rounds of each workout while more advanced lifters can opt for three rounds. You can either take a short rest in between rounds or move straight into the next round with no rest. There is both a resistance and cardio aspect to this workout so you will preserve your muscle mass while improving your cardiovascular condition as well as keeping unwanted fat off. Most people will come out of this quarantine overweight but not if you stay on top of things, namely your workout plan. Start this plan today so you will leave the quarantine in optimal condition.

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