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Lean and Powerful Program

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Lean and Powerful Program


Lean and Powerful is an 8 week program for men and women pursuing more strength and power. Adapted from Jamie’s own workout, it is designed for advanced, athletic individuals.



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Lean and Powerful is appropriate for both men and women.  This is a plan for athletes or advanced lifters that wish to improve their performance and foster an athletic appearance.  This plan is adapted directly from Jamie’s own workout and is focused on improving strength and power rather than bulking up.

This eight week program will have you doing Olympic style lifts, traditional powerlifts, running, jumping, throwing and a huge variety of resistance exercises.  Most home gyms will not be adequate for this plan.  You will need barbells, dumbbells and plenty of space to move around.  Ideally you will have access to an agility ladder, cable machine and other basic gym equipment.  The ability to drop barbells for Olympic style lifts is a plus but not totally necessary.

You will get 8 weeks of training with built in progression, consistency and variety.  The plan is in a printer friendly pdf format with space to take notes and track your progress.  The plan comes with instructions, descriptions and free email support from Jamie Ness.  Jamie has spent many years working with a wide range of athletes, making him well equipped to help you get the most from his work.




Jamie has been a personal trainer, coach and teacher in the field for 12 years. He holds a Master's Degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and always takes an analytical yet practical approach to training.