Power Build - Bench Press

Power Build - Bench Press


8 weeks of bench (and variations) twice a week. Bigger chest and bigger back= bigger bench.


One of the big keys to a bigger bench is having better mechanical advantage. Your back is an antagonist to the bench so a stronger back does mean a better bench but a THICKER back also means the bar doesn't have to travel as far, combining this with direct pec work (again, thickness) means you press the same weights a shorter distance...greater mechanical advantage achieved. 8 weeks of bench (and variations) twice a week.

This is just pain old hard work and simple, effective exercises. The power lifts are often given their own day, and for good reason. If you're trying increase maximal strength, you nervous system needs time to adapt and more importantly, recover to push large loads. A program focused of growth allows for you to train the exercise(s) more often and to add in more accessories because of decreased load.

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