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Power Build - Deadlift



Bigger muscles for bigger, better deads. 8 weeks, deadlift twice a week.




16 Days





Deadlift. Twice. A. Week. (but only for 8 weeks)

This is assuming a conventional deadlift, a sumo program would look very different. This should be done with minimal squatting within the 8 weeks. 1 day a week to keep your squat sharp is fine, but take it very easy.

Peoples backs get hurt deadlifting. Why? Because they focus too much on big weights, that's why. The greatest benefit of the deadlift comes from high volume to build the muscles around the spine and the hips (among others) and by taking that concept and applying to maximal strength we can use the therapeutic aspect of the deadlift (getting bigger muscles) by doubling down to get stronger and be a safer athlete. We pay attention to the abs here for spinal health, we use variations to address the two most common sticking points and even some force production (speed) with some hang cleans. Some of the %'s are a little conservative- because deads twice a week is going to be hard to recover from, but I promise you can do it and will have a better lift in the end.

Nothing fancy at all here (and generally fancier just means wasted time, honestly), it's hard work, but isn't that why you lift? To work hard?