Power Build - Squat

Power Build - Squat


Leg hypertrophy for Powerlifting. This program will not, by itself, increase your back squat but rather add more mass to the hips and legs for later strength gains.


This is not easy, especially if you are used to power rep ranges (3-5 reps per set) this will induce a ton of soreness. You are squatting 2x a week (A being day one and B being day two) with lots of accessories. You should have two days (three if needed) between each workout and will probably not feel fully recovered. All weights can be adjusted up or down but you should go through this as written and then do it again 8 weeks later with adjusted weights based on the first time through. 

Wearing knee sleeves or wraps is smart but not necessary (I personally wrap mine) and is more about support (think of them as a belt for your knees) and not to increase load/force production. Lifting shoes are really about preference, but if you have difficulty breaking parallel (hip crease below the knee) you should wear them. On that note, you should be squatting to maximal depth without allowing the thoracic spine to round, without the heels coming up and without a collapsing of the arch of the foot. A am 100% against the low bar squat for many reasons and have always taught and performed a high bar- please, use a high bar. If you HAVE to low bar to hit depth you really need to work on the mobility of the thoracic spine, your hips and you ankles.

Take as much time/sets as you need to warm up- the more sore you are the more important this becomes. If you feel like your 2nd of 3rd set feels the best, you aren't warm enough. Some degree of dynamic stretching, foam rolling and the like are ok to start, but this is a squat routine so use squats as your warm up. Air squats, empty bar/light dumbbells squats are favorable and spending a couple minutes on a stationary bike of some sort is a good way to start. A good proper warm up should be about 10mins, increasing you heart rate, body temp and pace of breath.

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