Alpha Project - Full Body

Alpha Project - Full Body


This full body workout will bring some serious changes to your body, it will increase your strength and will bring your body to it's best shape. I've been doing this and surely it will do the job.


It took me some time to make this alpha project, i wanted to create some plan to make my body much stronger yet to look much better than before. After i finished this workout, i started using it immediately and results were fantastic. I made this workout for people who are already training and need something new but begginers can adapt too with some changes in plan. If you need some more advice or want different kind of plan for yourself, feel free to contact me on instagram and i will do my best to help. Make that alpha male's body!

$30 USD

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6 days




35 videos




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Vlku Stefan 7 followers

My workouts are made for strength and aesthetics, you will see that with these workouts and by following instructions your body will soon enough get to it's best possible shape. Feel free to contact me on instagram ( vlku_stefan ) for some advices.

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