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Strength and Conditioning Workout - Tone & Burn

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21 February 2019
21 February 2019
Strength and Conditioning Workout - Tone & Burn
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Strength and Conditioning Workout - "Tone & Burn"


  • A month of workouts that'll push the Limits of your whole body; glutes, quads, triceps, abbs, chest back and deltoids.
  • You get relevant stretches, rest periods & tempo for best outcome and less injury. 
  • The percentage of 1 Rep max is used to insure you get the best results from your workout.
  • The workouts are geared more towards the moderate to advanced exerciser but can be modified if needed to fit beginners.
  • Men & Women wanting to tone or loose weight can benefit from this workout.

 For The Workout You'll Need:

  • A mat 
  • Flat Bench, smith machine or tube bands that give a strong resistance
  • Medicine Ball
  • Seated Leg Press Machine
  • A Long bar with weight plates 
  • A cable machine
  • A stability ball
  • A 10 - 12 inch height box step or something sturdy to step up on

In conclusion, this  workout will build muscle endurance, upper body strength, stamina & burn lots calories while toning. 


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