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Unlimited Progress - How You Can Unlock Your Body's Potential



Say good-bye to plateaus as you learn how to reach your ultimate potential.

Whether you are new to exercise or a competitive athlete, at some point in your training you will hit the dreaded plateau. After a period of progression, suddenly you hit a wall. Your weight loss stalls.

Your performance stagnates. Your body and your mind are in a rut and you may be tempted to just give up. While everyone hits a plateau, our bodies are not the same. Generic training programs may work initially but inevitably your body will stop responding in the same way. You have your own unique body, and to identify your greatest opportunities for improvement, you will find lots of low-tech, high-effectiveness tests to help you identify which training methods to use. Chances are you've already tried some different training methods, but you might be frustrated because they haven't worked as well as you'd like.

The truth is no matter what your level is, there will always be weaknesses, just because strengthening previous weaknesses and making them into strengths will open up other weaknesses. The encouraging thing about that is that you can always progress, and by using the diagnostic tests that are covered in the book, you’ll know exactly where to look to make progress. But generic programs are not the answer to consistent and continual progress.

This book covers tests for 10 different fitness qualities: Fat Loss Muscle Mass Strength Power Speed Muscular Endurance Aerobic Endurance Anaerobic Endurance Flexibility Coordination Filled with flowcharts and illustrative pictures you will understand and be able to easily apply the content to customize a program that works for you.

Say good-bye to plateaus as you learn how to reach your ultimate potential. Whether you are a beginner starting a weight loss program, an athlete or a coach who must tailor training programs, this book will teach you to how to work with your body and your unique needs to design a program that will help you keep reaching your goals.